Background Checks

Thank you for volunteering
 We could not do this without you!

As an appreciated volunteer, we know you understand the importance of keeping our players safe. Following is a summary of the requirements necessary to be cleared to volunteer both legally and safely at Holly Park Little League.

1.     All volunteers need to be registered with an account on the Holly Park Little League website, and sign up for a volunteer role.

2.     All volunteers need to complete the Little League International required background check administered by JD Palatine ("JDP").  JDP does not provide notification of subsequent arrest after the background check is completed, therefore the national Little League background checks must be completed annually. 

3.    Please login your account at Holly Park Little League website, Click "Volunteer", click "Find Volunteer Roles", select "League Volunteer" and complete the application process online.  If you are completing your application online the background check process requires a completed application and a copy of your identification.

Pursuant to California State Law, Article 3 (commencing with Section 11100) of Chapter 1 of Title 1 of Part 4 of the Penal Code, criminal history information is used internally.  Confidential criminal history information is not disclosed to the public.